Pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs counting data from Borsteler Moor (Germany)


In order to reconstruct regional vegetation changes and local conditions during the fen-bog transition in the Borsteler Moor (northwestern Germany), a sediment core covering the period between 7.1 and 4.5 cal kyrs BP was palynologically in vestigated. The pollen diagram demonstrates the dominance of oak forests and a gradual replacement of trees by raised bog vegetation with the wetter conditions in the Late Atlantic. At ~ 6 cal kyrs BP, the non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) demonstrate the succession from mesotrophic conditions, clearly indicated by a number of fungal spore types, to oligotrophic conditions, indicated by Sphagnum spores, Bryophytomyces sphagni, and testate amoebae Amphitrema, Assulina and Arcella, etc. Four relatively dry phases during the transition from fen to bog are clearly indicated by the dominance of Calluna and associated fungi as well as by the increase of microcharcoal. Several new NPP types are described and known NPP types are identified. All NPP are discussed in the context of their palaeoecological indicator values.

BM, HdV and IBB are abbreviation for non-pollen palynomorphs types: BM = Borsteler Moor (new types that we describe for the first time in our paper), HdV = Hugo de Vries Laboratory, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) for types described in this lab, IBB = Palynology and Palaeoecology Lab, Botanical Institute of Barselona (Spain) for types described in this lab.

Supplement to: Shumilovskikh, Lyudmila S; Schlütz, Frank; Achterberg, Inke E M; Bauerochse, Andreas; Leuschner, Hanns Hubert (2015): Non-pollen palynomorphs from mid-Holocene peat of the raised bog Borsteler Moor (Lower Saxony, Germany). Studia Quaternaria, 32(1), 5-18

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