Raw data of surface scans obtained on Multi-Year-Ice using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner during the Oden_AO2018 campaign in August/September 2018


Raw data of surface topography provided in folder structure obtained using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (VZ-400i, RIEGL, Horn, Austria) on melt-pond covered Multi-Year-Ice during the Oden_AO2018 campaign (Arctic Ocean 2018: MOCCHA - ACAS - ICE) Central Arctic / North Pole drift station on IB ODEN in August/September 2018. Data can be viewed und processed using the RiSCAN Pro software. The software and technical manuals for the laser scanner and the software can be obtained through the “members area” of the RIEGL webpage: http://riegl.com/members-area/. Registration and licence are needed.The scans were performed across an approx. 100 m times 100 m wide patch. The laser scanner was mounted on a tripod approx. 2 m above the surface and had a wavelength of 1550 nm. The scan pattern “panorama 20” with an angular resolution of 0.02 degree and a scan time of 180 s was used. At 20 m this corresponds to a 0.7 cm and at 50 m to a 1.7 cm horizontal resolution. A laser pulse repetition rate of 1200 kHz with a maximum measurement range of 250 m was used. Due to the snow conditions and the laser wavelength, the actual maximum range was less.

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Spatial Coverage (5.473W, 88.489S, 73.765E, 89.559N); Arctic Ocean
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