U-Pb isotope ratios and trace element concentrations of carbonate-fluorapatite from phosphate nodules in Carboniferous sedimentary rocks in northern Co. Clare, Ireland


These data are trace element concentrations and U-Pb isotope ratios from phosphate nodules in Carboniferous-age carbonates, shales and phosphorites in Co. Clare, western Ireland. Sampling locations (both in degrees and as UTM coordinates) are also included. Mineralogically, the analysed material is apatite (species: carbonate-fluorapatite). These data are being used to support a paper which is currently under review. Data were collected by LA-Q-ICPMS in the National Centre for Isotope Geochemistry in University College Dublin, and at the iCRAG Lab @ Trinity College Dublin. Both labs are in Dublin, Ireland. Spots or portions of ablations intercepting inclusions of non-apatite phases have been excluded to ensure the accuracy of reported data. Appropriate reference materials (RMs) were used to reduce and quality-control data, including: Madagascar Fluorapatite; NIST612 glass; BHVO2G glass; Durango Fluorapatite; McClure Mountain Fluorapatite; and Bamble 2 Flour/Chlor-apatite. All secondary RMs reproduced their respective U-Pb isotopic ages or element concentrations within acceptable ranges. These processed data were reduced from raw data using Iolite 3 software. The analysis was chiefly funded under an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Award awarded to Gary J O'Sullivan (GOIPD/2019/906).

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.933366
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