Carbon cycle simulations results and estimates of the 14C production rate over the last 55,000 years


This data set contains carbon cycle simulations results and estimates of the 14C production rate Q over the last 55,000 years, as well as some not yet online available supporting time series. Some data sets cover up to the last 100,000 years. They have been compiled here in order to improve how independent approaches of Q when used in carbon cycle model frameworks improve simulations of atmospheric Δ14C in comparison to reconstructions, e.g. from IntCal20. In detail, the following is contained: a) three reconstructions (data-based estimates) of the 14C production rate 𝑄 based on (1) cosmogenic radionuclides from ice cores; (2) geomagnetic field data and (3) a 10Be stack from marine sediment records; b) deconvolved (model-based) estimates of the 14C production rate 𝑄 from two different models, the carbon cycle box model BICYCLE-SE (8 scenarios) and the LSG OGCM (3 scenarios), both externally forced with atmospheric Δ14C, e.g. from IntCal20;c) model-internal simulated atmospheric Δ14 when the data-based estimates of 𝑄 have been applied to force the the BICYCLE-SE model (11 scenarios)d) simulated atmospheric CO2 from the BICYCLE-SE model (1 scenario);e) supporting data: (1) a smoothed version from Hulu Cave Δ14 as has been used within IntCal20 as prior to calculate the marine reservoir age of contributing marine records; (2) a corrected version of the stack of cosmogenic radionuclides from ice cores underlying our ice core based version of Q.

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