(Table 1) Mineral composition of sand- and silt-sized fractions of bottom sediments from the Romanche Trench


A study was made of mineral composition of sand- and silt-sized fractions of recent clastic (riftogenic) sediments and solidified deposits collected from the bottom of the Romanche Trench during the first voyage of R/V Akademik Kurchatov. Similarity between mineral compositions of sediments and bedrocks (ultrabasites, gabbroids, diabases) was established. This similarity is a basis for considering the mineral complex of the deposits that have been derived from the bedrocks of the trench slopes, and have formed due to their submarine denudation accompanied by tectonic crushing. The same mineral composition was found in pieces of older consolidated deposits; this suggests that conditions of sedimentation similar to those at recent times have existed for a long time in the Romanche Trench.

Supplement to: Soldatov, A V; Murdmaa, Ivar O (1970): The mineral composition of the deposits in the Romanche gap. Oceanology, 10, 375-381

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