Pore water geochemistry of sediment core Potter_Cove_STA16


Methods:Sampling:• Rhizon technique (Seeberg-Elverfeldt et al. 2005)SO42-:• Ion chromatography (Metrohm IC Net 2.3)Fe2+:• Ferrozine method (Stookey 1970)NH4+:• spectrophotometrically using a Multiskan microplate readerAlkalinity:• Spectrophotometrically after Sarazin et al. (1999) using a Multiskan microplate readerδ56Fe(pw):• Removal of salt matrix by column chromatography (NTA Superflow columns, Qiagen) (Lohan et al. 2005)• Column separation using the Dowex 1X8 resin• Isotope analysis on a ThermoFinnigan Neptune Multicollector-ICP-MS (ESI Apex-Q desolvator, standard-sample bracketing method with IRMM-014) (Schoenberg and von Blanckenburg 2005)

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Publication Year 2018
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Spatial Coverage (-58.684 LON, -62.232 LAT); Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula