(Table 1) Relarive abundance of foraminiferal species in the surface layer of bottom sediments from the Atlantic Ocean


Quantitative ratios of tests of planktonic foraminiferal species in thanatocoenoses within the surface layer of bottom sediments from Iceland to the Equator are described. Subarctic, boreal, subtropical and tropical types of thanatocoenoses and their subtypes are distinguished. Each subtype corresponds to a 2-3°C interval of mean annual temperature of the upper layer of ocean water. Comparison of fossil thanatocoenoses from Quaternary sediment cores with recent thanatocoenoses offers new potentials for paleotemperature analysis.

Supplement to: Barash, Max S; Blyum, Natalia S (1976): Recent thanatocoenoses of planktonic foraminifera in the North and Equatorial Atlantic. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1975, 15(1), 108-115, Oceanology, 15(1), 76-81

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