Abundances of macrobenthos during three expeditions to the Central Arctic Ocean


During cruise ARK-IX/4 sampling gears included the multibox-corer (MG) and the 0.25 m² giant box-corer (GKG). From one to fourteen subsamples of the size 0.023 m² (Sampling area) were taken from each MG and/or from one to four subsamples of the size 0.022 m² from each GKG using the rectangular frame.The uppermost 1 cm of sediment from each subsample was washed through the 0.2 mm sieve; the deeper 5 cm were washed through the 0.5 mm sieve. The washed subsamples were preserved in 4% formaldehyde solution. During the cruise ARK-XXVII/3 sampling of the macrofauna was conducted by the MG with six to eight 0.023 m² subsamples taken at each station. Subsamples were washed separately through the 0.5 mm mesh size sieve. Four cores were fixed with 4% formaldehyde and two to four cores (depending on the number of successfully closed cores) were fixed with 96% ethanol.For the two stations of the cruise AMK63 a Okean grab sampler (Grab) with 0.25 m² sampling area were performed with three grab replicates per station. Each grab sample was washed through the 0.5 mm sieve and fixed by 5% formalin.Some taxa have a comment named gen. sp. (genus species), which means that these specimens could not be related to any genus or species within the taxon.

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