(Table 1) Positions of the Mesocena elliptica zone in sediment cores from the Pacific and Indian Oceans


The Mesocena elliptica Ehr. zone in deep-sea sediments of the Pacific Ocean is characterized by a short vertical range at the base of the Pleistocene section. Depending on sedimentation rate this zone lies at various depths below the ocean bottom. M. elliptica is unknown in recent oceanic plankton. In fossil state known species indicate that sediments containing them are of Oligocene-Miocene age. New data obtained in early 1960's show that within a short interval, evidently in Early Pleistocene, M. elliptica was abundant in plankton, primarily in tropical regions. Correlation of paleomagnetic data with results of diatom analysis shows that the Mesocena elliptica zone always lies above the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary, and that maximum contents of M. elliptica coincide with the Jaramillo event (0.85-0.95 million years ago).

Supplement to: Zhuse, Anastasiya P; Mukhina, Valentina V (1973): The Mesocena elliptica Ehr. zone in the Pleistocene sediments of the Pacific Ocean. Oceanology, 13, 386-394

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