MARHYS Database 1.0


Please note that a newer version of this dataset is available (!MARHYS (MARine HYdrothermal Solutions) database is a global compilation of marine hydrothermal vent fluid compositions. The database includes data presented in journal publications, book chapter and monographs and includes compositions of hydrothermal fluids, end members and background seawater. Detailed sample information (metadata) is provided along with the chemical composition and enables unique identification of discrete vent fluid samples. The database contains concentrations of major-, minor- and trace elements, as well as, reduced carbon compounds and isotope compositions. All concentrations are converted into units per kg of vent fluid and chemical data of unique samples reported in different publications are merged to unique sample entries.The main file containing the final product is: "MARHYS_DB_1_0.xlsx" The remaining files are provided to be able to track the processing of the data:"MARHYS_DB_1_0_Rawdata.xlsx" provides a one-by-one copy of the single datasets as provided in the original source."MARHYS_DB_1_0_RawdataConverted.xlsx" provides a one-by-one copy of the single datasets with converted units."MARHYS_DB_1_0_Unmerged.xlsx" provides the data in the format of MARHYS Database without sample entries being merged."MARHYS_DB_1_0_MergeHistory.xlsx" provides a list of all sample entries that were merged.Please note: We encourage users of the database to also cite the original literature whenever possible. If you want to adress any inquiries about the database do not hesitate to contact the support center ( The database is an ongoing project and will be updated twice a year.The data files are exclusively provided as excel sheets and show up when clicking "view dataset as html" below.

Please note that a newer version of this dataset is available (!

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Creator Diehl, Alexander ORCID logo; Bach, Wolfgang ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2020
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
OpenAccess true
Resource Type Dataset
Format text/tab-separated-values
Size 20 data points
Discipline Earth System Research