Conducted measurements during the bioassay incubation initiated after the flocculation experiment


This table contains measurements conducted during the bioassay incubation initiated after the flocculation experiment. Filtrates of gypsum and control treatments were amended with a 10% volume of original river water to reintroduce heterotrophic bacteria and incubated in the dark in 10 C for 15 days. Bacterial growth and properties of colored dissolved organic matter were recorded 3-6 times during the incubation, and respiration was calculated using dissolved oxygen measurements at day 0 and 15. The bioassay was conducted using the replicates 2-6 of the flocculation experiment.

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Creator Elovaara, Samu ORCID logo; Zhao, Lingbin; Asmala, Eero ORCID logo; Kaartokallio, Hermanni; Thomas, David N ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
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