δO2/N2 and δ18O of O2 from EPICA Dome C ice core (Antarctica) (0-800 ka)


We present the full compilation of δO2/N2 and δ18O of O2 data measured in the gas phase on the EPICA Dome C ice core from 1420 m to the bottom (3191 m), hence covering the last 800 kyr. The EPICA Dome C ice core has been drilled in Antarctica (-75.1°S; 123.395°E; 3233 m elevation) between 1996 and 2004 and measurements were performed from 2001 to 2022. Some of the data were already presented in previous published studies (Dreyfus et al., 2007, 2008; Landais et al., 2012; Bazin et al., 2016; Extier et al., 2018) but corrections were performed in the present data file. The new highly-resolved datasets have been measured over five glacial terminations (TII, III, IV, V and VI) by Grisart (2023) using a dual inlet Delta 219 V plus (Thermo Electron Corporation) mass spectrometer at the LSCE. They are combined to previous published data to obtain the final compilation of the δ18O of O2 and δO2/N2 records covering the last 800 kyr.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.961023
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Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
Funding Reference European Research Council https://doi.org/10.13039/501100000781 Crossref Funder ID 817493 https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/817493 ICORDA - Ice CORe DAting tools revisited to infer the dynamic of glacial – interglacial transitions over the last 1.5 million years
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