(Table S3a) YREE and U composition of weakly cleaned foraminifera for MIS M2 from ODP Site 165-999A


Concentrations in ppm in solid CaCO3.(a) Composite depth, De Schepper et al. (2013)(b) Age model De Schepper et al. (2013)(c) 2σ SD reproducibility based on repeat measurements of the ECRM standard (Greaves et al., 2008) (n=8).(d) HREE/LREE = [YbN + LuN]/PrN + NdN MREE/MREE = 2[TbN+DyN]/PrN + NdN + YbN + LuN Ce/Ce = 3CeN/(2LaN+NdN). In all cases N is normalisation to Post-Achaean Australian Shale (PAAS) (Taylor and McLennan, 1985).(g) Maximum blank contribution

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