Planktonic foraminiferas in bottom sediments and Late Quaternary paleotemperatures of surface waters in the North Tropical Atlantic


Distribution of planktonic foraminiferal tests was studied in 15 Upper Quaternary sediment cores from the continental slope of Africa, the Canary and Cape Verde basins, and slopes of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In all the cores substantial variations were found in relationship between foraminiferal planktonic species reflecting fluctuations of mean annual temperatures of surface waters. Temperature difference in temperatures between present time and that of the maximum of the stadial of the last continental glaciation glacial stadial (about 18,000 yrs ago) ranges from 8.5°C in the Canary upwelling region to minimum values of 2.0°C in the central part of the ocean, i.e. the southern part of the subtropical gyre. Temperature difference the Holocene optimum and 18,000 yrs ago ranges from 10°C to 3°C. Age estimates are supported by radiocarbon dates.

Supplement to: Barash, Max S; Okuneva, Olga K (1981): Late Quaternary paleotemperature fluctuations in the tropical zone of the North Atlantic Ocean (from data on planktonic foraminifera). Oceanology, 21(5), 599-604

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