Lithium conduction in Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystalline Polymers investigated by QENS


We have recently developed a new class of single-ion conducting Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystalline Polymers, TILCPs, for application as lithium battery electrolytes. Within the herein proposed study, we will systematically investigate the ion dynamics in this new class of polymer electrolytes as a function of temperature using quasi-elastic neutron scattering, QENS, on IRIS. This study will allow an in-depth characterization of the diffusion mechanism as function of i) the ionic species (Li+, H+), ii) the macromolecular architecture (3 types of TILCPs will be studied, each with a H- & D-labeled polymer backbone), and iii) the nanostructure (dynamically self-assembled mesophases). This comprehensive study targets to establish the interplay between ion transport and liquid crystal structures, thus, enabling the identification and design of highly conductive electrolytes.

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Creator Dr Coraline Millot; Dr Dominic Bresser; Mr Laurent Bernard; Dr Victoria Garcia Sakai; Dr Sandrine Lyonnard; Dr Lyonnard; Dr Hakima Mendil-Jakani
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2018
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Discipline Chemistry; Natural Sciences
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