Dynamics of trehalose-glycerol and lysozyme/trehalose-glycerol mixtures


The proposed experiment aims to study the dynamics of trehalose/glycerol mixtures and lysozyme in presence of trehalose/glycerol mixtures at different relative concentration. The aim is to investigate the coupling between the bioprotectant mixture and the protein and to verify if the dynamics of the system as a function of the trehalose/glycerol concentration shows a slowing down maximum at the concentration value of 0.05 (by weight) for which an anomalous behaviour has been observed by light and neutron scattering. By performing runs of 8 hours and the necessary calibration and empty cell measurements, we estimate a total of 6 days of beam time on IRIS for the required statistics.

DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/ISIS.E.24003091
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Creator Professor Federica Migliardo; Professor Salvatore Magazu
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Publication Year 2011
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