Phenotype of Atlantic salmon returning to river Scorff, Oir, Bresle, Frome and Tamar over the period 1969-2017 (smolt year)


This data includes individual records of body length (fork length, in mm), sea age at return (is1SW=1 for 1SW, is1SW=0 for 2SW), retrospective growth measurements performed on scales (in mm) and genetic sex, for a sample of adult Atlantic salmon returning to river Scorff, Oir, Bresle, Frome and Tamar. This data was produced,compiled and analysed as part of the Interreg project SAMARCH, to investigate long-term change in the marine growth of salmon originating from the Channel region, Southern Europe. Please refer to the associated paper for further details.

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Creator Tréhin, Cécile; Rivot, Etienne; Santanbien, Valentin; Patin, Rémi; Gregory, Stephen; Marchand, Frédéric; Lamireau, Ludivine; Beaumont, Willian; Scott, Luke; Hillman, Robert; Besnard, Anne-Laure; Boisson, Pierre-Yves; Meslier, Lisa; King, Andrew R.; Stevens, Jamie; Nevoux, Marie
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Publication Year 2023
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Contact Nevoux, Marie (INRAE, UMR DECOD, Rennes / Pôle MIAME, Gestion des migrateurs amphihalins dans leur environnement, OFB, INRAE, Institut Agro, Université Pau et Pays de l’Adour, France)
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