Microbathymetry from AUV and ROV Surveys (MOMARETO'06, MOMAR'08-Leg1 and BATHYLUCK'09 cruises) along the Lucky Strike ridge segment (Mid Atlantic Ridge)


Multibeam near-bottom bathymetry from the Lucky Strike ridge segment along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  The bathymetry data were acquired during AUV Asterx and  ROV Victor6000 surveys during three different cruises (MOMARETO 2006, MOMAR'08-Leg1, & BATHYLUCK'09).  The dataset includes a central grid (LuckyStrike_microbathymetry_Centre) that combines data from several AUV and ROV dives, and where original bathymetry grids for each dive have been manually shifted and combined into a single grid, using other datasets (shipboard bathymetry, acoustic sonar data from the Lustre'96 data) for geographical reference. The rest of the grids are from individual ROV or AUV dives. All grids are provided in NETCDF GMT .grd format, and with two associated GEOTIFFS with both the bathymetry DEM and the hillside (illumination) file.  All grids are given in WGS84 (WGS 84 - WGS84 - EPSG:4326).

DOI https://doi.org/10.17882/80574
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Creator Escartin, Javier; Cannat, Mathilde; Deschamps, Anne
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Publication Year 2021
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