Hydrography and currents in Storfjorden (Svalbard) from the STEP 2016-2017 moorings


As part of the STeP project (STorfjorden Polynya multidisciplinary study), two moorings, M1 and M2, were deployed in Storfjorden (Svalbard) on July 14, 2016 from the French R/V L’Atalante and were recovered one year later, on September 28, 2017, from the French R/V Pourquoi-Pas?. The two moorings, deployed a few hundred meters apart at 78°N and 20°E at a depth of 100m, documented the formation of dense Brine-enriched Shelf Water (BSW).  The moorings included both physical oceanography (PO) and biogeochemistry sensors. The present dataset is composed of PO data only: the 3 components of the currents, backscatter, salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen. PO sensors on M1, spanning the whole water column, included 6 Seabird SBE37 microcat (CTD),  15 RBR solo (T), and 1 RBR duet (TD) for hydrography, while currents were monitored with a RDI WH 300kHz upward looking ADCP and 1 Nortek Aquadopp underneath. PO sensors on the shorter M2 mooring included 1 Seabird SBE63 (CTD-O2), 1 RBR solo (T) and 1 RBR duo (TD). Data have been calibrated and validated and the different steps of this processing are discussed in the technical report provided with the dataset. Two netcdf4 files are provided for M1: one for hydrography (STEP2016_M1_hydrography.nc), the other one (STEP2016_M1_current.nc)  for currents and backscatter. Only one netcdf4 files (STEP2016_M2_hydrography.nc) is provided for the shorter M2. Temperature and salinity data from SBE sensors have been interpolated on a common time grid with a 20’ time step. Likewise temperature data from RBR are provided on a 30” time grid. A merged SBE-RBR dataset has also been built for increased vertical resolution, providing temperature every 20’. ADCP data are provided on a 100’ time grid. The user is referred to the technical report provided with the dataset for further information on the different fields.

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