(Appendix A) Radiolarian abundances in ODP Hole 175-1084A


The changing composition of radiolarian faunas from late Neogene deep-sea sediments has been used in recent years as a proxy for changes in marine paleoproductivity. We examine radiolarian faunas, organic carbon content (TOC), opal and coarse-fraction components over the last 270,000 years in sediments from ODP Hole 1084A, drilled in a high productivity upwelling region within the Benguela Upwelling System off the west coast of Africa. Age control is provided by stable oxygen isotope measurements of benthic foraminifera. Prior research has established that late Pleistocene glacial intervals in this upwelling system generally had higher productivity than interglacials. The radiolarian WADE (water-depth ecology) paleoproductivity index correlates well with TOC and opal in these samples, and all three parameters change in synchrony with the benthic isotope curve over all but the MIS 5e–6 time interval. WADE inferred productivity is significantly higher in glacials than interglacials. We conclude that the WADE index is a useful proxy for paleoproductivity at this location, as are also opal and organic carbon accumulation rates. Carbonate and carbonate based indices such as the accumulation rate of benthic foraminifera (BFAR) by contrast do not correlate well either to productivity indices or to the glacial–interglacial cycle, and are interpreted to primarily reflect carbonate dissolution.

Supplement to: Lazarus, David B; Bittniok, Beatrice; Diester-Haass, Lieselotte; Billups, Katharina; Ogawa, Yujiro; Takahashi, Kozo; Meyers, Philip A (2008): Radiolarian and sedimentologic paleoproductivity proxies in late Pleistocene sediments of the Benguela Upwelling System, ODP Site 1084. Marine Micropaleontology, 68(3-4), 223-235

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