Uranium - Thorium dating results from carbonate samples of sediment core GeoB23225-1 (Table 2)


Age corr.: Age correction according to 232Th concentration and 230Th/232Th ratio of 8±4.Laboratory code/label IUPH: Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany.d234/238U: measured 234U/238U activity ratios (d234U) are presented as deviation in permil from the equilibrium value.d234/238Uini.: Decay corrected 234U/238U activity ratios (d234/238Uini.) are calculated from the given ages; decay constants by Cheng et al. (2013) (URI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2013.04.006).Age calculation based on numerically solved equations from Ivanovich and Harmon (1992), age uncertainties are determined using a Monte-Carlo simulation.Ages given in kiloyears (ka) before year of measurement (2020 - 2022).

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