Predator-prey interactions between the heterotrophic protist Polykrikos kofoidii and two Alexandrium strains: the non-lytic paralytic shellfish toxins (PST) producing A. catenella and the lytic goniodomins (GD) producing A. pseudogonyaulax


The ingestion rates of the heterotrophic protist Polykrikos kofoidii feeding on two different species of Alexandrium were determined by means of incubation experiments in well-plates. In this experiment P. kofoidii was subjected to monoalgal prey consisting of either A. pseudogonyaulax (strain L4-B9) or Alexandrium catenella (strain Alex 5). This dataset contains all data collected within the experiment including cell counts and ingested prey cells of P. kofoidii. The experiments were carried out between December 2 and 5, 2022 in the laboratories at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany.

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Creator Möller, Kristof ORCID logo; Tillmann, Urban ORCID logo; Krock, Bernd; Koch, Florian ORCID logo; Meunier, Cédric Léo ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
Funding Reference German Federal Environmental Foundation Crossref Funder ID PhD Scholarship ; Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres Crossref Funder ID Changing-Earth_Subtopic_6.2 Adaptation of marine life: From genes to ecosystems
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Spatial Coverage (1.710W, 56.090S, 8.290E, 56.630N); North Sea, Scottish east coast; Thyborøn, Limfjord, Denmark
Temporal Coverage Begin 2020-05-01T09:10:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2020-08-17T09:10:00Z