Are we moving too fast?: Representation of speed in static images


Despite pictures being static representations, they use various cues to suggest dynamic motion. To investigate the ability of different motion cues to convey speed in static images, we conducted 3 experiments. In Experiment 1, we compared subjective speed ratings given for motion lines trailing behind movers, suppletion lines replacing parts of the movers and backfixing lines set in the background against the baseline of having no cue. Experiment 2 was a replication of the first experiment with an addition of several motion lines considering the effect of quantity on conveyed speed. Experiment 3 then examined the actual time assessments of each cue and bare objects indicated for movers to complete their paths. Our results showed motion cues vary in their effectiveness to depict speed. Motion lines indexing the path being traversed remained less effective than suppletion and backfixing lines, which we argue encode the speed component of motion rather than directionality. These static cues also influenced the actual time durations individuals indicated for fictitious motion events, in line with the subjective speed ratings. Altogether, our results suggest different aspects of motion can be captured by different cues, in line with the premises of a visual lexicon view.

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