Trace elements and REE concentrations of the different dolostone leaching solutions and residual dissolved dolostone from 4 sediment cores and surface sediments in the Labrador Sea


This dataset includes the results of the analysis of 4 marine sediment downcore records recovered from the Labrador Sea: core MD99-2227 (58° 12.38 N, 48° 22.22 W, 3460 m); core HU08-029-004 (61°27.49 N, 58°02.11 W, 2674 m); HU84-030-021 (58°22.06 N, 57°30.42 W, 2853 m); core HU91-045-094,(50°12.26 N, 45°41.14 W, 3448 m) as well as a set of surface sediment samples. Data contains measurements of the Rare Earth Element concentrations, some major elements (Fe, Mg, Ca, Al) and radiogenic Nd isotope signatures of the dolostone grains, picked from wet-sieved < 63µm sediment fraction of marine sediment downcores. The downcore records were sampled with resolution of about 1 kyr and cover roughly the last 33 ka.

PAAS normalized REE concentrations (McLennan, 2002) MREE, HREE, LREE and Ce/Ce* ratios together with ԑNd are also shown.

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Creator Filippova, Alexandra ORCID logo; Frank, Martin ORCID logo; Kienast, Markus; Gutjahr, Marcus ORCID logo; Hathorne, Ed C ORCID logo; Hillaire-Marcel, Claude ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2022
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