Bulk mineral assemblage of sediment core GeoB22336-4, MARIA S. MERIAN cruise MSM66


This dataset includes mineral assemblages of gravity core GeoB22336-4 retrieved from northern Baffin Bay during cruise MSM66 in 2017. The XRD data were obtained on pulverized and homogenized sediment samples every 20 cm at the laboratory of the Crystallography & Geomaterials Research Group (Faculty of Geosciences, University of Bremen). Measurement was carried out in a continuous scan from 3 – 65° 2θ, with a calculated step size of 0.016° using a Bruker D8 Discover diffractometer equipped with a Cu-tube, a fixed divergence slit of ¼°, and a monochromator (via Linxeye detector system). The Philips X'Pert software was used for mineral identification and the mineral assemblages of the bulk sediment were quantified with the QUAX full pattern quantitative determination software (see Vogt et al., 2002; https://doi.org/10.1346/000986002760833765). The identification and quantification of the mineral content of deglacial and Holocene sediments in core GeoB22336-4 was useful in the reconstruction of sediment provenance, input and transport pattern of detrital materials to the core site in northern Baffin Bay, as well as surrounding ice-sheet dynamics.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.961797
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Publication Year 2023
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