Bulk stable isotope analysis (SIA) of historical and contemporary squid beaks


Raw data obtained from stable isotope analysis of δ13C and δ15N in beaks of the squids Gonatus fabricii (Lichtenstein, 1818) and Todarodes sagittatus (Lamarck, 1798) (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida), and primary analyses of these data. Squids sampled in the Baffin Bay, Davis Strait and Nordic Seas (1882-2010) and Iceland, Faroe Islands and Ireland (1844-2023), respectively. The beaks either come from the squids caught as bycatch, or from natural history museums, from stomach contents of predators.

Gonatus fabricii (Gonatidae)Time series; Year; n squids; Area; SourceLate XIXth C.; 1882; 1; Baffin Bay; BycatchLate XIXth C.; 1891; 1; ---; ---;1990s; 1900; 9; Nordic Seas; Northern fulmar's stomach contents1930s; 1930; 2; Davis Strait; Sleeper shark's stomach contents1930s; 1936; 5; Baffin Bay; Bycatch1970s; 1975; 5; ---; Bycatch1970s; 1977; 2; ---; Bycatch1970s; 1979; 2; ---; Bycatch2000s; 2004; 10; ---; Bycatch2010s; 2010; 10; Nordic Seas; Sperm whale's stomach contentsTodarodes sagittatus1840s; 1844; 4; Faroe Islands; Long-finned pilot whale's stomach contents1880s; 1881; 10; Iceland; Long-finned pilot whale's stomach contents1890s; 1897; 10; Faroe Islands; Long-finned pilot whale's stomach contentsContemporary 2016; 1; Ireland; BycatchContemporary; 2017; 1; Ireland; BycatchContemporary; 2018; 1; Ireland; BycatchContemporary; 2023; 4; Ireland; Bycatch

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Publication Year 2024
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