Pollen profile of core BS_2/16 from Marienberg, Brandenburg a.d. H.


A 14C-Dated pollen diagram of the Marienberg in the old town of Brandenburg a. d. Havel shows the history of vegetation at this site for the entire Holocene. Since it is a small pollen archive, it offers statements of local significance. It shows on the one hand the development of the forest vegetation at Marienberg, on the other hand the formation of a wet biotope from a pond with a water depth of several meters to a fen and finally to a pond, which was strongly eutrophicated especially in the Middle Ages and in modern times. The prehistoric and early historical settlement is only weakly reflected in the pollen findings. Of special interest are findings of walnut and wine pollen, which can be connected to the Medieval monastary Marienstift, which was an important place of pilgrimage.

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