Floor Plate Segmentation Data


This repository contains the geometric results of six developed computational floor plate segmentation methods as applied to sixteen example floor plans. It includes the floor plate boundaries, column locations, and plate edges for each resulting segmentation, as well as the geometry results of their respective nesting studies. This data set offers geometric information from which quantitative values can be extracted for the comparison of these segmentation methods. This repository also contains the input files for the structural simulation in Sofistik 2020 of six developed segmentation methods applied to 16 Case Studies.

Rhino 3D, 7

SOFiSTiK, 2020

DOI https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-3539
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Contributor Menges, Achim; Knippers, Jan; Orozco, Luis; Krtschil, Anna; Wagner, Hans Jakob; Gosk, Michal; Cuellar Aguayo, Luis
Publication Year 2023
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