Exploring the potential of neutron diffraction methods for examining the mechanical properties of shale gas mudstones


We request 2 days of beamtime on ENGIN-X to obtain neutron diffraction data as a function of uniaxial load on two different shale gas mudstones. Both the multiphase character and the low symmetry/hydrous nature of some of the minerals in these materials present challenges for neutron diffraction work, but the large voxel sizes neutron work offers make this a challenge worth tackling. Our objectives are two-fold (1) to establish the extent to which techniques previously used on ENGIN-X to characterize the elastic behaviour of anhydrous materials in the lead up to brittle failure can be extended to include these economically important mudstones, and (2) to establish protocols (e.g., count-times, time-of-flight windows) for the efficient collection of diffraction data of this kind so that the use of beamtime in future applications on these materials is optimized.

DOI https://doi.org/10.5286/ISIS.E.24089929
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Creator Dr Steve Covey-Crump; Dr Paul Schofield; Professor Kevin Taylor; Ms Rosanne McKernan; Mr Joe Tant
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Publication Year 2015
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