Geochemical composition of volcanic glass shards from the sediment core POS514_40-11


To investigate the sedimentary record of the Mid Adriatic Deep (Adriatic sea) and its response to climate/oceanographic changes building a satisfactory depth-age model is mandatory. This was partly done with a tephrochronology since two tephra horizons were recognized in the retrieved core. Core POS514-40-11GC (Latitude: 43.483333, Longitude:15.433333, water depth of 217 m) was collected onboard R/V Poseidon during the cruise named "Micropaleontology, Actuopaleontology and Environmental Baseline Study of the Holocene to latest Pleistocene in the Northern and Eastern Adriatic Sea Basin" in May/June 2017. Two tephra horizons were found at 529 and 262 cm of the core depth. Glass shards were extracted and analyzed by EMPA, in total 33 analyses were done. Tephra were correlated with Mercato and Neapolitan Yellow tuff, which served as anchor points for the depth-age model.

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Creator Razum, Ivan ORCID logo; Giaccio, Biagio ORCID logo; Monaco, Lorenzo ORCID logo; Miko, Slobodan (ORCID: 0000-0001-9191-610X)
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Spatial Coverage (15.450 LON, 43.500 LAT); Adriatic Sea