Wind profiles from Doppler Wind-LiDAR during the field campaign of the Bolzano Tracer EXperiment (BTEX)


During BTEX a Doppler Wind–LIDAR (WindCube 100S, manufactured by Leosphere, France) was installed in the Bolzano basin (46.498192 N, 11.364963 E, 267 m ASL) on the roof of a public building at 18 m AGL. The Wind-LIDAR provided every 5 s the vertical profiles of the wind speed components, measured by means of the Doppler Beam Swinging (DBS) technique. In particular, each profile is composed of 110 vertical levels, one every 10 m, from 50 m above the Wind–LIDAR (i.e. 335 m ASL) to 1100 m (i.e. 1385 m ASL).In addition to the vertical profiles of the wind speed components, the Wind–LIDAR also provided the Carrier–to– Noise Ratio profile, corresponding to the ratio of the power of the received signal to the noise power

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Creator Falocchi, Marco (ORCID: 0000-0003-4644-518X); Tirler, Werner ORCID logo; Giovannini, Lorenzo ORCID logo; Tomasi, Elena; Antonacci, Gianluca; Zardi, Dino ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2019
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Spatial Coverage (11.365 LON, 46.498 LAT); Italy