Field observations of Hydrodynamics in a shallow coral reef lagoon : Poe lagoon - New Caledonia


Field trips have been conducted from February 2019 to May 2020 in Poe lagoon (South Province - New Caledonia) to characterize its hydrodynamic processes and functionning. This shallow lagoon belongs to a wider area which has been registered at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list in 2008 and has experienced recently beaching of seaweed (ulva sp.). A dedicated project (ELADE) has been launched to investigate paths of enrichment of this lagoon. This dataset belongs to the Hydrodynamics Task of this multidisciplinary project. Several moorings (~ 15) have been placed for observations of currents, temperature, pressure and  salinity dynamics during 2 legs (Feb. to May 2019 ; July-August 2019). During this field period, one major atmospheric event happened in February 2019 : OMA cyclone. From september 2019 to may 2020, a single station (temperature, salinity, pressure) has been kept in the area of maximum ulva biomass. Sampling strategy avalaible on Sextant - Marine Geographic Information System. More information on PRESENCE project.

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Creator Le Gendre, Romain; Soulard, Benoit; Lalau, Noemie; Bruyère, Oriane; Van Wynsberge, Simon
Publisher SEANOE
Publication Year 2020
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