Lucky Strike hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge at ~37.25°N) - OTUS Victor photomosaic (Bathyluck 2009 Cruise): ~1-cm resolution B&W geotiffs (UTM zone 25 projection)


Black and white seafloor photomosaic of the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field and the ridge axis to the South, acquired with VICTOR6000 during the Bathyluck 2009. Individual still images were matched, corrected for uneven illumination, renavigated and blended for a seamless photomosaic.  This data release includes partial geotiffs covering the whole surveyed area. To be cited: Gini et al. (submitted); Barreyre et al. (2012); Escartin et al. (2013); Escartín et al. (2015).

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Creator Escartin, Javier; Barreyre, Thibaut; Gracias, Nuno; Garcia, Rafael; Cannat, Mathilde
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Publication Year 2021
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