Results of sediment unmixing analysis


Results of sediment unmixing (Andrews and Eberl, 2012) of core HU2011031-059 (Mao et al., 2014; Mao et al., 2018)( 48.727°N, -45.519°W, 750 m water depth) with (A) and without calcite (B). Results of the sediment unmixing program on samples from cores HU2004024-042 and HU90020-074 with (C) and without (D) calcite. Results shown as fractions with Total sum ~ 1.0. Bias wt% is the average absolute difference between observed and calculated mineral wt%s. The error estimates are the standard deviations of the source estimates based on the 10 randomly selected observed source wt%s. C) Results for cores HU2004024-042, HU90020-074 with calcite, D) without calcite.

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Creator Andrews, John T ORCID logo; Roth, Wendy; Piper, David J W
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
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