High-Frequency physical, biogeochemical and meteorological data of Coastal Mediterranean Thau Lagoon Observatory


High-Frequency (from minutes to hour) physical, biogeochemical and meteorological data were recorded in “Coastal Mediterranean Thau Lagoon Observatory” (43°24’53” N, 3°41’16” E). This observatory is located in the Northwestern Mediterranean Thau Lagoon near the pontoon of MEDIMEER (Mediterranean platform for Marine Ecosystems Experimental Research) in proximity of the “Marine Station (OSU OREME)” in the city of Sète in south of France. The physical and biogeochemical sensors were immerged in the water column at approximately 1.5 m below the water surface (max. depth of the site 3 m). The date, hour and minute of data acquisition, type of sensors and unity for each variable are mentioned in each data file.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17882/58280
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Creator Mostajir, Behzad; Mas, Sébastien; Parin, David; Vidussi, Francesca
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Publication Year 2018
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