50h low pass filtered Mooring data at Yermak Pass from September 2017 to July 2020


The mooring was deployed on 15 September 2017 from Norwegian Research Vessel Lance at 80.6°N and 7.26°E (depth of 730 m) in the Yermak Pass over the Yermak Plateau north of Svalbard. It comprised 3 instruments: an upward-looking RDI 75kHz, a Long Ranger Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) at 340 m with 16 m vertical resolution (25 bins of 16 m each) and a 2-hour sampling time; a Seabird SBE37 measuring temperature, salinity and pressure at 348 m with 10-minute sampling time; and an Aquadopp current meter at 645 m with a 2-hour sampling time. The mooring was retrieved on the 19 July 2020 by Norwegian Icebreaker K.V. Svalbard. The present dataset features: (i) the ADCP 50-hour smoothed daily velocities, conservative temperature and pressure time series interpolated every 10 meters within the 20-330m layer, (ii) the Aquadopp 50-hour smoothed daily velocities and pressure time series at 645 m; and (iii) the SBE37 50-hour smoothed daily conservative temperature, absolute salinity and pressure time series at 348 m.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17882/83214
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Creator Labaste, Matthieu; Provost, Christine; Athanase, Marylou L.; Artana, Camila; Koenig, Zoé; Asgari, Ava
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Publication Year 2021
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