Mesozooplankton abundance data from Disko Bay, West Greenland, 2008


The study site was located in the Disko Bay off Qeqertarsuaq, western Greenland. Due to land-connected sea ice coverage during winter, 2 sampling sites were combined. At the first site in winter (21 February to 23 March 2008), sampling was conducted through a hole in the ice at ca. 65 to 160 m depth approximately 0.5 nautical mile (n mile) south of Qeqertarsuaq (69° 14' N, 53° 29' W). In spring and summer (9 April to 18 July), sampling was done at a monitoring station 1 n mile south from Qeqertarsuaq (69° 14' N, 53° 23' W) at 300 m depth. Sampling was carried out between 10:00 and 17:00 h. During sampling from the ice, mesozooplankton was collected using a modified WP-2 net (45 µm) equipped with a closing mechanism (Hydrobios). Samples were collected in 3 depth strata (0-50, 50-100, and 100-150 m). During ship-based sampling, mesozooplankton was collected with a multinet (50 µm) equipped with a flow meter (Multinet, Hydrobios type midi), and 2 additional depth strata (150-200m and 200-250 m) were included. In addition to the seasonal study one diurnal investigation with sampling every 6 h was conducted from 29 April at 12:00 h to 30 April 30 at 12:00 h. Samples were immediately preserved in buffered formalin (5% final concentration) for later analyses. Biomass values of the different copepod species were calculated based on measurements of prosome length, and length/weight relationships. Two regressions for Calanus spp. were established for biomass calculations: one applicable prior to and during the phytoplankton bloom until 4 May, and another from 9 May onwards.

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Creator Swalethorp, Rasmus ORCID logo; Kjellerup, Sanne; Nielsen, Torkel Gissel (ORCID: 0000-0003-1057-158X)
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Publication Year 2013
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Spatial Coverage (-53.461W, 69.234S, -53.397E, 69.242N); Greenland
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