Multi-storey Timber Buildings Data: Architectural and Structural Data on 350 Mass-Timber Projects from 2000-2021


This repository contains a collection of data on 350 contemporary multi-storey timber building projects. The dataset consists of information on 300 projects built between 2000 and 2021, 12 projects in construction, and 38 design proposals. The dataset consists of quantitative and qualitative project data including classification of projects based on structural systems, material (timber-concrete-steel), program, massing, and internal spatial organization. Building project information includes general information on building height (number of stories), location, status (completed, under construction, or planned), architect and year of construction. Projects include both low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings starting at three stories. Links to sources used to gather the data are included.

Part I. Architectural and Structural Data on 350 Multi-storey Mass-Timber Projects

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