Nanostructure definition in electrospun fibres of polymer blends


This proposal is part of a research programme which is focused on nano-fibres prepared by electrospinning. The programme is centered on the spinning conditions/structure/property relationships in polymer based nanofibres. We have shown successfully that we can exploit low Q neutron scattering technques to study nanofibres of labelled mixtures of polystyrene prepared using different conditions. We now wish to extend these experiments to the study of the morphology of blends of polystyrene and polymethylmethacrylate in such nanoscale fibres. These experiments will complement laboratory-based studies which suggest the development of anisotropy in contrast to the suprising result that the polystyrene nanofibres and isotropic. Theese experiments are part of a programme which aims to develop a detailed understanding of the electrospinning process of polymer solutions.

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Creator Professor Geoffrey Mitchell; Mr Belal Belal; Dr Fred Davis
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Publication Year 2010
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