Novel block bottlebrush polyelectrolytes: The effect of cationic block charge on layer structure and association with anionic surfactant


In this work we will study a novel block copolymers consisting of a linear cationic block and uncharged bottle-brush block having 45 units long poly(ethylene oxide) side chains. Our first neutron reflectometry study, based on data partly recorded at ISIS, revealed the interaction of this types of polymers with surfactants at the solid/liquid interface. We will in this study focus our study on newly synthesised block co-polymer with 50% charged segments, based on our recent theoretical modelling that shows maximal adsorption for this charge ratio. Our further aims are firstly to establishing the relation between polymer architecture (block lengths, ratio of block lengths) and adsorbed layer structure at the solid/liquid interface, and secondly to determining the interfacial association between the adsorbed polymer layer and the deuterated anionic surfactant SDS.

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Creator Professor Tommy Nylander; Dr Andra Dédinaité; Dr Aleksandra Dabkowska; Professor Per Claesson; Ms Xiaoyan Liu
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2015
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