Deammoniation Investigations of the ammines MX2.nNH3 (M= Mg, X= I,Cl,Br)- potential hydrogen and ammonia stores


The applicants seek 4 days of beam time on POLARIS to study the deammoniation process of synthesised M(NH3)6X2 (M=Mg, X=I, Cl, Br) which are an important class of materials for both ammonia storage and hydrogen storage. The mechanism of ammonia release from M(NH3)6X2 (M=Mg, X=I, Cl, Br) to form MX2 (M=Mg, X= I,Cl,Br) is unknown. In order to improve the kinetics of these groups of materials and improve their gravimetric capacities, the mechanism of release needs to be known and understand. Using PND coupled with PXD, TG-DTA, IR and Raman will aid in the understanding of the deammoniation pathway , allowing us to view when each molecule of NH3 is desorbed and also allowing the identity of intermediates formed in the pathway. This, in turn will allow the structure of the ammines to be known, which is presently not the case experimentally.

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Creator Professor Duncan Gregory; Dr James Hanlon; Miss Helen Kitchen
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