The effect of alcohol chain length on the interaction between PS-PEO copolymers and synthetic surfactants


In many applications, surfactants are formulated with a variety of additives to achieve a desired range of properties; polymers and cosurfactants/cosolvents (such as alcohols) are frequently used. Whereas the effects of alcohol on micellar systems have been studied widely, (short chain alcohols act as co-solvents; medium chain alcohols partition between the palisade region and the aqueous solution and long chain alcohols are solubilised into the micellar core) there are very few studies concerning polymer-surfactant systems in polar solvents other than water. In this proposal, we wish to continue our study into the effects of alcohol nature and concentration on the interaction between nonionic polymers and common surfactants. Of interest is how the structure of the copolymer/surfactant micelle is perturbed by the alcohol, information that may not be gained from any other technique.

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Creator Professor Peter Griffiths; Dr Beatrice Cattoz; Miss Saloni Gupta; Mr Omar El-Kady
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2016
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