I/Ca, N/Ca and S/Ca ratios in regions of interest (ROIs) on cross-sections of individual recent benthic foraminifera from the Peruvian OMZ (NanoSIMS data)


Raw 127I/40Ca16O, 32S/40Ca16O and 12C14N/40Ca16O ratios, number of measurement planes (n) and errors for different regions of interest (ROIs) on individual recent benthic foraminifera from Peruvian oxygen minimum zone. The number before the element is refering to the atomic weight of the isotope that has been used for the analyses. The measurement name (#) is used to distinguish between the different measurements. SEM is the standard error of the mean. Cleaned (yes/no) refers if the sample had undergone an oxydative cleaning procedure as described in Glock et al. (2016&2019). In addition, the core location is listed and calibrated I/Ca ratios are given for the different ROIs. Measurements were done with NanoSIMS on foraminiferal cross-sections following the protocols described in Glock et al. (2019). Samples were taken during RV Meteor cruises M77/1 in the framework of the SFB754.

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Publication Year 2020
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