Structure of hot dense liquid carbon dioxide


We propose to study the structure of liquid CO2 by neutron diffraction under high pressure and high temperatures to 6 GPa / 800 K. Carbon dioxide belongs to the most fundamental molecular systems known. The presence of a molecular quadrupole terms is expected to lead to strong orientational correlations with the formation of ¿T-shaped¿ CO2 dimers predicted by molecular dynamics simulations. Previously granted beamtime has allowed to develop the techniques and to collect preliminary data up to 2 GPa which show the feasibility of such a study. The data analysis will be carried out using the EPSR algorithm similar to our previous study on hot dense liquid water (PRL 96, 067801 (2006)).

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Creator Dr Frederic Datchi; Professor Richard Nelmes; Dr John Loveday; Dr Malcolm Guthrie; Dr Stefan Klotz; Dr Strassle; Dr Craig Bull; Mr Julien Philippe
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2011
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