Abundance and biomass of Arctic benthic species


While the Arctic may be an inhospitable environment at the surface, the benthos is teaming with life. Even though this wealth of life is known to exist, information on the presence of benthic species at a pan-Arctic scale is scarce. To address this shortfall, abundance and biomass data from eighteen studies spanning the Arctic (i.e. Alaska, Canada, Svalbard, and Russia) were collected and merged into a single dataset. The collected species records range from 1970 to 2017. Because the rates of sampling are not always available it should be inferred that the species can be considered to likely be present between the start and end dates provided. If the day of sampling is the first of the month, it is generally because only the year and month were provided. The methods of sampling included here are: photography, diving collection, Van Veen grab, multinet, trawl, and sediment core. Species records taken along a transect are given with the minimum and maximum depths. The taxonomies provided are based on data from World Register of Marine Species website (WORMS). Biomass is given in gram ash free dry weight (AFDW) per square meter, carbon (C) gram per square meter, or gram wet weight (ww) per square meter. Abundance is given in number of individuals per square meter. Standard deviations for all measurements are given in the same units.

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