Mesostructured titania films from ethanolic solutions


In this proposal we wish to continue our current work on mesostructured inorganic films in largely ethanolic solutions, containing limited amounts of water. Transition metal alkoxides such as those used to form titania thin films are extremely reactive in the presence of water, but much less so when organic solvents are used. In order to reduce the rate of titania condensation we will study film formation in ethanolic solutions using polymeric surfactants with a range of ethylene oxide heagroups sizes to direct the mesostructure formation. Altering the headgroup size may allow phases other than the 2D hexagonal structure to form. 3D connected phases (eg cubics) are required for applications where diffusion through the film is important. We will compare results with our previous experiments on films templated with fluorinated surfactants and our earlier results on similar silica films.

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Creator Professor Karen Edler; Mr Adrian Hawley
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Publication Year 2011
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